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Company name Kuramoto Co., Ltd.
Foundation March 10, 1938 (Showa 13)
Establishment January 31, 1947 (Showa 22)
Capital ¥91,050,000
Representative Masahito Kuramoto, President & Representative Director
The number of employees 170 person (as of Apr 1, 2018 (Heisei 30)
Address 1-14-2, Toyotama-kita, Nerima-ku, Tokyo, 176-0012 Japan
Telephone +81-03-3994-2861
Business contents
  • Electrical equipments, air-conditioner parts, AV equipments, ETC apparatus and battery for automobile.
  • Test machine for electric equipments etc., various equipment products
  • Manufacturing and sales for rebuilt products
  • Package software sales and maintenance services for business
  • Sales for computer a monitor, a printer, peripheral equipment and an application
  • Sales mobile phone in general and telecommunications apparatus.
Main Bank
  • MUFG Bank,LTD., Ekoda branch
  • Kiraboshi Bank, Ekoda branch
  • Resona Bank, Ikebukuro branch
  • Japan Finance Corporation, Ikebukuro branch
  • The Shoko Chukin Bank,LTD., Ikebukuro branch
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Kuramoto Co., Ltd.  Address:1-14-2, Toyotama-kita, Nerima-ku, Tokyo, 176-0012 Japan / Telephone:+81-03-3994-2861